Changes in 2022

New year, new me is such a thing. I am usually not one to make "resolutions", but this year I wanted to make some lifestyle and business changes for the better.  I wanted to get back to my happy place, which is organization and detailed planning.  My mental health really takes a hit when things are chaotic and I feel like I can't get anything done.  I thrive in organization, I obsess over planners, and I LOVE making to-do lists.  The satisfaction of checking things off of the list & feeling like I can tackle the day with a plan is something that helps to snowball my motivation and energy.  When I see progress, and I can find everything that I need in a space that is not overwhelming; I can get all of the things done.  

I am working on this in every aspect of the business, from my office, to my email, website, etsy listings and my planner.  Organization, mindfulness and intention are my words right now.  Curious to hear what everyone else has implemented so far in January and how it is going?  Do you make resolutions?  Is there something that you want to work on this year and maybe not hold yourself to a specific goal?  Share with us in the comments if you feel up to it!

I'm trying some Ready to Ship items, which I have never offered online (only in person at events and vendor shows).  I am curious to get feedback on these and if it is something my customers like... if it works, I will probably try to expand the RTS collection and move toward drops with different designs.  There are certain designs that will always be available in the shop, but many of the new designs are DTF prints and when they are gone, they are often not restocked.  

I am also offering my hand dyed garments.  These are super time consuming, but being able to offer something so beautiful and unique makes me really proud.  I know tie-dye is trendy right now, but if you aren't into it, I have *most* of the prints available on solids or bleach distressed tees.  As always, reaching out to me for customs is suggested.  I can send you a custom order invoice directly from the new site.

Mugs will be available to ship for the first time ever on this site - I hope to have options listed this week.  Shipping is calculated by weight and distance - unfortunately these will cost a little more to get to you than tees.  Mugs are a great last minute gift for just about any occasion and you don't need to know the person's shirt size! I always have mugs in house and I can generally get them out the next day!


I feel like I am getting a little out of my comfort zone with the new website, new RTS offerings, and moving away from sales that take place through third party payment apps.  Getting more business focused and organized this year will hopefully pave the way for our next adventure this year.  That deserves a post of its own.  

Thanks for reading my rant about the new year, new Tammy Jane and Joy. We are still here, still ready to custom design anything that you can dream up, and we are so happy you're here.  


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