Do y'all even read these??

It has been a YEAR that we have had this spiffy new website and let me tell you a lot has changed.  I REALLY had no idea how much time and effort is required to keep this thing up to date with inventory, new designs, sales, seasonal, social media posts etc. etc. etc.  It can be a lot for one person that is also the designer and maker of all of these things!  

I am beyond lucky to have a wonderful VA (virtual assistant) Bailey with Steel Social Media and she keeps us looking fresh and gets listings up WAY faster than I ever could!  I feel like we are always under construction because I always have way more new ideas than we have time to execute them all!  

We are working on adding more customizable options on here, but we spend a lot of our time on large orders for businesses, parties and other occasions.  If you ever need a custom or a color/style that is not shown, drop me a line at  and we will get it sorted for you!  

We have been donating to some of our favorite charities and would like to continue adding collections this spring that have a little give back attached!   

We have run some boutique and exclusive items from designers and we will continue to do that sporadically until I can vet each vendor and make sure that we have great quality and a reliable timeline from each of them.  For now, 99% of what we sell is made here, in our home studio, right outside Pittsburgh.

This post is mostly just to let you all know that we are here behind the scenes and trying to bring lots of new merch for you to "add to cart".  

Thank you so much for sharing, recommending us, inviting friends to our page and group on facebook and for all of the tags on tiktok and instagram.  We really appreciate each and every one of you!  


There is a SALE today - it ends on Tuesday at 11:59 PM - check it out!  


If you were the first person to read this post, here is a tumbler on me.  Just add to cart (any style) and check out using the code ONETUMBLER - hurry before someone else sees!

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